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features two days of general sessions, panels and workshops led by the best and brightest in marketing pharma & healthcare to women.

Karen Carr Bayer’s 50th Anniversary of The Pill Campaign
Karen Carr
VP, Strategic Growth and Innovation
imc² health & wellness

Heather Mauriello Heather Mauriello
Associate Director, eMarketing
Women's Healthcare, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

The Pill has helped empower women and given them the opportunity to spend time on themselves, their families, and their careers. The 50th Anniversary of the Pill campaign, created by Bayer, serves to celebrate the fact that the Pill has helped women go for their goals over the past five decades. Working with best in class partners such as Daily Candy, Facebook and Facebook Causes, Step Up Women’s Network, and a few well known celebrities, the program quickly evolved into a community that inspired women to engage with the campaign. Using this historical event as a unifying theme, women are invited to participate with the program on a personal level – like making a pledge to better themselves or the world around them. The elements that made this campaign a success were a targeted media partnership, strong public relations presence, a centralized online destination, and many opportunities to interact. Join us as we dig in to the execution of this campaign and highlight key learnings across platforms.

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Jill Griffiths Engaging Dr. Mom...
Jill Griffiths
Vice President and Head of Market and Clinical Communications

As if mom didn’t have enough on her plate, research shows that she has become the Chief Medical Officer for her entire family. The opportunity is huge for the health plan that simplifies health care decision-making for “Dr. Mom.” Learn more about how Aetna is focusing on this important audience with a unique combination of tools and resources – ranging from mobile web and smart phone “apps,” to plain language web resources and materials that demystify a complex health care system. Join a panel of experts from Aetna, its customers and other partners as it demos these tools/resources, shows how they work in the real world, shares new research, and demonstrates how you can successfully engage women in making smart, financially sound health care decisions.


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Laurel Kennedy Six Secrets to Reaching Boomer Women: Help Them Help Themselves
Laurel Kennedy
Author, The Daughter Trap
Age Lessons

Laurel Kennedy, author of the acclaimed new book, The Daughter Trap: Taking Care of Mom and Dad…and You, and founder of the “thinking firm” called Age Lessons, presents important insights into how healthcare and pharma marketers can successfully reach Boomer women. Get into their world! Get into their heads! Get into their lives! Then get your fair share of the biggest wallets around. Boomer women are complicated, and now they’re adding elder care responsibilities to a schedule already over-booked with child care duties, career pressure, partner needs, personal development and domestic chores. Discover how to identify their lifestage needs and then tailor your products, services, media and marketing to meet the challenges they face daily. Learn about their key touchpoints, who they talk with, who they trust, where they turn for information and how you can help them to help themselves, and your bottom line.


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Scott Bennett Changing the Culture and Consumer Mindset
Scott Bennett
National VP, Marketing
American Cancer Society

Scott Bennett, the America Society's chief marketing officer, will speak about transitioning the iconic brand that is the American Cancer Society from a focus on disease management to a more inclusive and relevant culture of cancer prevention. Scott will provide the audience with an inside view into how the Society was able to reposition itself as The Official Sponsor of Birthdays, and subsequently introduce a new movement and cause brand called Choose You. The key to success - internal communication and alignment, coupled with a laser-like focus on women as the critical target audience to ensuring the Society achieves its life-saving mission.


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Scott Bennett It’s Careworthy, But is it Shareworthy? How to be the Health Brand Women Share
Marcee Nelson
President and Founder
Pink Tank

Scott Bennett Gretchen Goffe-Wagner
SVP, Consulting Practice
Pink Tank

Scott Bennett Leigh Householder
Digital Brand Strategist
GSW Worldwide

Every day, each of us receive emails containing jokes, photos, health information or safety tips.  We discover new websites or see new items of interest.  We hear about new products.   We may laugh at a cartoon or video, be shocked by some news or touched by a story. We can be asked to share or even have our luck or karma threatened if we don’t share. But what do we forward? How do we decide what we share?  

What determines shareworthiness is not what content says about the brand, but what it says about the sharer.  If a woman shares content or news she must be willing to attach her name to it. In that split second snap judgment, women subconsciously decide if it reflects how she sees herself or helps her fulfill a desired self-perception.  In this session, Pink Tank will reveal the key tenets of creating shareworthy brand content and campaigns. They’ll also compare recent healthcare campaigns against their Shareworthy Index to uncover missed opportunities and new ways to give women something they can’t wait to pass on.


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Leslie Schrader The Health and Wellness Brand Check-up: Are brand reality and consumer perceptions ever the same?
Leslie Schrader
SVP, Director, Consumer Health & Wellness Practice

With 2010 signaling the convergence of three major health initiatives plus ongoing economy-based consumer health proactivity, many organizations and brands are attempting to align their products and services with timely health and wellness messages.  As consumers become increasingly savvy about when and where they get health-related information for themselves and their family, brands need to be able to clearly and authentically define and communicate their brand’s health and wellness proposition. In this session, Ketchum’s Well Connected brand-building specialty will unveil a new proprietary tool, The Health and Wellness Brand Check-up that offers communicators a comprehensive – yet specifically targeted – marketing tool to measure the impact of a brand’s health and wellness communications online and offline. The tool helps brands understand the brand reality and consumer perceptions in the health and wellness space by analyzing three key areas, brand essence, products and services offered and marketing communications. During the session, the presenters will share a case study of a program designed to address The Health and Wellness Brand Check-up ‘diagnosis.’


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